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About Us

African Institute of Arts, Science & Technology, Inc., also known as African Initiative for Arts, Science, and Technology, exists to serve as a skills training hub for young Africans in the continent and in the Diaspora. Our aim is to provide practical skills training in arts, science, and technology. 

The arts division focuses on identifying and developing young artists, as well as the preservation of existing African arts.
The science division focuses on identifying and training young graduate in science education, essentially to provide a standing army for disease prevention and eradication.
Finally, the technology division focuses on producing technology savvy young men and women. This strategy will put Africa at par with the rest of the world technology-wise and at the same time help the youths to secure gainful employment that would enable them to live well and take care of their families.
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Our Goal

Overall, our goal is to put forth a good fight for the elevation, preservation, and relevance of Africa’s future. This fight is based on continuing to innovate, make sacrifices where necessary and when it matters, and progress collectively. Youth employment is important to us, but more important is youth entrepreneurship and eventual independence.

We are a non-profit organization based in the United States of America, but most of our works are performed in Nigeria and in other parts of the African continent. We are just starting out, and we need all the help we can get to get this ball rolling. If there is anything you can do to help us to achieve this grand objective, please feel free to join and support us.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reduce youth and university graduate unemployment in Africa by teaching individuals practical skills that would enable them to secure gainful employment to earn a good living, especially in the areas of Arts, Science, and Technology. In this platform, participants will be challenged to produce works that are respectable and worthy of their aspirations in life. Those who wish to learn to write, edit, and publish manuscripts of all sorts, for example, will be guided by professionals in the field. Those who aspire to be computer literates and technicians will be guided by computer savvy individuals who will help them to hone their skills.

We advocate for clean and healthy environment for Africa, as oil and gas and other natural resources extraction has become a threat to the environment and health in many African countries. Research in this area will create employment for many young graduates and school leavers. These young men and woman will be trained and guided by environmental scientists and professional on how to preserve and protect the environment from pollution and degradation—including land, sea, and air.

We also advocate for health and wellness, as such we train nurses, medical technicians, and physician who will focus on combating diseases in various parts of Africa. Research in this area will, no doubt, open the doors for many unemployed youths throughout the continent, as well as give them a chance to fight against diseases such as Ebola and Cholera, which constantly threaten human lives.

At African Institute of Arts, Science & Technology (AIAST), a virtual institution for hands-on, practical learning, we want to make a clear distinction between learning and earning a living. As such, after acquiring knowledge in their various colleges and universities, participants can then enroll at AIAST to gain practical knowledge on how they can best apply their learned skills to produce practical results for companies who may wish to hire them. The focus of AIAST, therefore, is to make the transition from learning to earning a living possible as well as seamless. We believe that this will reduce overall youth unemployment and improve the quality of life in many African countries.